ONE MARYLEBONE, LONDON, NW1 4AQ    |    13- 14 March 2024    |    10.00am – 5.00pm

The Pattern Cutting Studio

Out of an extensive experience as a high-end clothing manufacturer in London (Plus Samples Ltd.), with 20+ years under our belt, it has become clear that one major issue designers are facing is how to navigate the pattern cutting process.
It’s not a secret that the development process is one of the most expensive parts of our business. Pattern cutting, toile making in particular, can be very costly, confusing and unpredictable.
As the Pattern Cutting Studio, we have made it our mission to share our high-end professional expertise with new and established designers.
To help combat the challenges, we have found new ways to approach the development process by making it more transparent and budget friendly. Upfront costings and 3D rendering before any toiles are made are part of that process and are not only helping with making costings more predictable, but also are highlighting issues before any physical stitching is done.
We approach our services with the understanding that the quality of the patterns we produce directly affects the fit and flow of production. It is the vision of the Pattern Cutting Studio to equip designers with a more streamlined, budget friendly process that will help make fashion production more sustainable, financially transparent and reliable.
Our services include:
• The use of 3D-rendered toiles enables faster turnaround, allows designers to have increased control over the garment’s look, and reduces the number of toiles or samples.
• We offer a complimentary discovery session and a consultation to ensure that the pattern meets your design specifications and requirements.
• A range of complimentary services such as grading, markers, tech packs, and manufacturer match-ups is available on request.
• Patterns are created digitally to enable precision and accuracy.

Contacts: Nailya Belkacemi, Renate Doma

The Pattern Cutting Studio
Unit 27, Commercial Block E, Halo Court
19 Rookwood Way, London E3 2XT.


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