ONE MARYLEBONE, LONDON, NW1 4AQ    |    9 – 10 OCTOBER 2024   |    10.00am – 5.00pm

Bristol Dye and Print Studio

Bristol Dye & Print studio is a unique textile studio in the South West, providing high quality hand screen-printed fabric for the Film & TV industries and beginning to expand into fashion and interiors. The studio was founded over 3 years ago by Sarah Pasricha who has over 15 years’ experience within the costume industry. With such a long background in textiles, Sarah is able to use her creativity and vast array of skills to personalise the experience of design and create bespoke prints for each client. 

The facility was set up purely to work with production companies needing costume breakdown services, dyeing, printing and ageing costumes and fabric. However, it has grown and adapted over the last 3 years and now not only providing costume textile services but we also work with Hopkins, a prestigious fabric company in London printing all of their fabric. 

Our goals for the future are to connect with more independent designers to work collaboratively producing hand crafted printed fabrics. We are also hoping to start providing courses and workshops sharing the knowledge and skills we have acquired and our love of screen-printing.

Sarah Pasricha

Bristol Dye and Print Studio

159-179 Kingsland Road, Bristol, BS2 0QW        


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