ONE MARYLEBONE, LONDON, NW1 4AQ    |    9 – 10 OCTOBER 2024   |    10.00am – 5.00pm

Laurent Garigue Partnership

The Garigue name has been synonymous with high fashion British fabrics since 1947 when we started selling to the Paris Haute Couture and designers Worldwide. We are extremely proud of our British heritage and most of our production is based in Yorkshire and Scotland.

Our aim is to produce beautiful fabrics that are out of the ordinary, the best quality and supplied without minimum order. Our Collections are presented at all major trade shows and through agents worldwide. Visits to our Kensington showroom are by appointment.

The new Collection includes redefined British tweeds, brushed mohairs, luxurious suitings and evening-wear fancies, all offered in vast colour ranges.

Laurent Garigue Partnership
68 Pembroke Road
Kensington, London W8 6NX
Tel: 020 7371 1777

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